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/ˈrɑːftɪŋ/ /ˈʀaftĩɡ/ /ráfting/

male name
[sport] group water sport, carried out on inflatable boats, which consists of going down rivers with fast currents and rugged routes, offering an exciting experience of navigating the rapids

Etymological origin: English word, from raft, raft.

The Sport that Challenges Fast Currents


Rafting, a vibrant adventure through the white waters of rivers, is a sport with a high spirit and adrenaline, where the ability to navigate challenging rivers combines with the pleasure of discovery.

This activity, sometimes also known as white water rafting, is an exciting sport that challenges groups to maneuver through the tumultuous currents in inflatable boats, intensifying the aquatic experience with varying degrees of difficulty.

The International River Difficulty Scale categorizes rafting into six levels, ranging from gentle routes ideal for beginners and families to extreme challenges aimed at highly experienced professionals. This scale serves to ensure that participants can choose experiences suited to their skill level, ensuring safety and fun.

To practice rafting safely, it is essential to have the appropriate equipment, including specific inflatable boats, approved life jackets and helmets to ensure safety, appropriate footwear to protect your feet and high quality oars. It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing for each season, such as wetsuits or drysuits for thermal insulation, and quick-drying shorts and t-shirts in summer. Choosing good quality equipment is crucial for a safer and more rewarding experience.

Safety in rafting is essential to minimize the risk of injuries or accidents, which are generally zero or quite low on the Minho River. 

To practice rafting, the options vary in duration and format, and can be short or long and in groups. Rafting is suitable for both small and larger group experiences, from 6 to 12 people, depending on the size of the boat.

The Cross-Border giant that separates and unites Portugal and Spain

Rio Minho

In the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, a giant is born. Rising to an altitude of approximately 695 meters, on the western slopes of the Serra de Meira, the Minho River begins its imposing journey, unfolding in a saga of approximately 340 kilometers until it flows into the vast Atlantic. This watercourse is not just a river, it is a living entity that breathes the history, culture and biodiversity of two sister nations: Portugal and Spain.

Known as the “father of Galician rivers”, Minho is an undisputed protagonist in the narrative of Galicia and northern Portugal. Its importance transcends the physical aspect, delving deep into the veins of the earth and into the hearts of the communities that embrace it.

But it is in its international section that Minho reveals its true essence as a bridge and border. Since 1864, it has served as an invisible line that separates and, paradoxically, unites Galicia and Portugal, creating a mosaic of islands, communities and shared histories. 

When traveling along the banks of the Minho, it is impossible not to be enveloped by its magic. This river is not just a source of water but it is also a river of life, stories and shared dreams. Its etymology, shrouded in mystery and controversy, evokes images of a past rich in minerals and culture, where the “mountainous river” made its way through the wild landscape of Galicia.

Minho is, therefore, much more than its waters and banks. It is a link between people, a guardian of traditions and a challenging invitation to discovery. At every curve, on every island, in every reflection of its waters, there is a story to tell, a moment to live.

This is the Minho River, the cross-border giant that is worth knowing.

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Rafting on the Minho River

With almost three decades of experience, we stand out as an undisputed reference in adventure sports and water activities in the north of Portugal, more precisely in Melgaço on the Minho River. Our icon, rafting on the Minho River, is not just an activity, it is a transformative experience that attracts thousands of adventurers, national and international, to the picturesque region of Melgaço.

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Rafting on the Minho River

Discover the unique thrill of rafting on the River Minho, an unforgettable experience that combines adrenaline, nature and team spirit.

With our rafting adventures, prepared to welcome both fearless adventurers and families looking for a safe experience, we guarantee moments of pure euphoria and natural beauty.

Since its popularization in the 1950s, rafting has evolved, and we, Rafting on the Minho River, we take this water adventure to a new level, offering routes for all tastes and abilities.

Navigating the wild waters of the River Minho, as it is also known as whitewater rafting, is much more than a sport, it is an opportunity to create lasting memories, facing currents with the safety of our experienced guides and quality equipment. Each descent is an opportunity to overcome challenges and enjoy the incredible landscape that only the River Minho can offer.

We have experiences specifically designed to fit the level of participants, from the youngest adventurers to the most experienced enthusiasts.

The best time to go rafting on the River Minho is from March to September, taking advantage of the river's ideal flow, whether looking for the tranquility of spring or the vibrant movement of summer.

We provide all the necessary equipment, from inflatable boats to life jackets and helmets, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for everyone.

Practicing rafting on the River Minho is easy and accessible for everyone, from families, groups, corporate teambuilding activities or even bachelor parties.

Furthermore, safety is our priority, with detailed briefings and a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that every moment on the river is not only exciting, but also extremely safe.

“Rafting on the Minho River” is not just a choice for those looking for adrenaline, but a gateway to unique experiences and stunning views, where risk is minimized and fun is maximized.

If you're looking for a rafting adventure in northern Portugal that combines challenge, safety and natural beauty, look no further. Join us and let the Minho River be the setting for your next great adventure.

Details about Rafting


3 to 4 hours


Rio Minho

Min. Participants

8 people



Minimum age

8 years


40 eur

Testimonials from those who have already done rafting

Find here testimonials and reviews from adventurers who have had the pleasure of rafting on the River Minho with us. 

José Igrejas
José Igrejas
Unique contact with nature! Fun activity with family and friends, great for all ages 👍
Antonio Souto
Antonio Souto
Unforgettable experience, with the best team to repeat without a doubt
Hugo Santos
Hugo Santos
An excellent experience to enjoy with family or friends, don’t hesitate…
Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira
A fun journey, with family or friends, that I highly recommend! Strong emotions, landscape, gastronomy and knowing how to welcome are the strong points of this experience.
André Craveiro
André Craveiro
Excellent experience. Fun and very friendly team. They explained everything to us and along the way everything was explained to us about rafting, the route on the Minho River and giving us an insight into what rafting is like. The experience is not just because of the activity, but because of the team that accompanied us. I recommend it and, without a doubt, see you soon. 5 stars.
Nuno Nabeiro
Nuno Nabeiro
A spectacular experience. An excellent activity to do with family or friends.
Rui Alves
Rui Alves
The best experience and with a team of professionals…

Miguel Pereira

A fun journey, with family or friends, that I highly recommend! Strong emotions, landscape, gastronomy and knowing how to welcome are the strong points of this experience.

Why Rafting on the Minho River

By choosing us for your rafting adventure on the Minho River, you are ensuring a safe, exciting and unforgettable experience. With us, every paddle is a step towards a memorable adventure.

Security and Guaranteed Experience

We have more than 20 years of experience with certified instructors to offer you exciting adventures in complete safety. Here, fun and safety go hand in hand in every experience!

Adventure for All Ages

Rafting on the Minho River is an adventure that transcends generations, offering a unique and exciting experience for participants of all ages.

Unique and Personalized Experiences

Each Rafting adventure on the River Minho is a story waiting to be lived. We create personalized experiences that transform each activity into an unforgettable memory. Come explore, challenge yourself and create moments that will remain in your memory forever.

Common questions

  • What is Rafting?

    Rafting is a group water sport, carried out in inflatable boats, which consists of going down rivers with fast currents and rugged routes, offering an exciting navigation experience.

  • Is it possible to go rafting on the Minho River?

    Yes, practically anyone can go rafting on the Minho River. It is a suitable activity for families, groups of friends and co-workers. You do not need experience.

  • How can I book a rafting adventure on the Minho River?

    You can book a rafting experience online, using the form found on our website, or contact us directly by phone or WhatsApp to schedule.

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